Vol 1: Place, Time, Astronomy

Why visit the Kumbh Mela? Crores of people in attendance make the Kumbh Mela one of the biggest human gatherings in the world. With the perfect setting on earth and in the celestial skies, it is the chosen destination for many who wish to be engulfed by the Mela’s inclusive vibe. A multitude of people visit the Kumbh, uninvited.

Place Time Astronomy sets the tone for a journey through the Kumbh with voices of a saint who believes that life experiences shape a person, an old lady who beats the odds to be at the Kumbh, an astrologer who consults, cures and connects astronomy and people, an American photographer who visits the Kumbh for purpose and pleasure and a man who is as colourful as the scooter he rides to the Kumbh.

Contents of place, time, astronomy:

  • All of creation (Poetic Verse)
  • Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswatiji (Insight)
  • Place, Time, Astronomy (Introduction)
  • Michael o’Neill (Interview)
  • Nirbhayadas Kothariji (Insight)
  • The harbinger (Photo Story)
  • Pramil Chaturvedi (Interview)
  • Swami Swatmanandji (Insight)
  • Journeying forth (Photo Story)
  • The many heads he turned (Character Story)
  • Kumbh by night (Reflection)
  • Swami Punyanand Girji Maharaj (Interview)
  • Kibbnesh Wolde Gabriel (Insight)
  • 20.01.2013 (Diary Notes)

Excerpts From The Book: Swami Swatmanandji (Insight)

Excerpts From The Book: The many heads he turned (character story)

For, isn't everyone in search of happiness? He hadn’t
quite decided what his name was, but Scooter Baba or Dukaanwala Baba had committed to a simple path. 'God wants you to be happy. I serve him by bringing a smile to your day', he said.

Far from a picture of the stoic sadhu, he rode into the Mela on a candy-striped scooter, in a different avatar everyday.