Anugraha is a design and publishing initiative. It serves as a platform to encourage collaborative practices deriving from and contributing to elusive aspects of cultures, philosophies and ideas in general. By experimenting with and incorporating patterns and paradigms to express the intangible, it aims to weave a dynamic fabric of awareness leaving insiders and onlookers with a sense of connect.

At Anugraha, we work on anything apart from luxury brands and things that promote consumerism in general. Therefore our clients are mainly from the social, cultural, educational, environmental and medical sectors


BEING IN IT AND BEING OF IT is Anugraha's first self published endeavour.

This project was initiated by Mr Pradip Patel of the Madhoor Group. It was undertaken by the team at Anugraha out of the individual and deep-rooted passion for creative communication through photography, design and writing.

Skilled photographers, writers, film-makers and designers came together to collaborate with the in-house team at Anugraha on the Kumbh Mela book and film. This heterogenous group resonated with a zeal and enthusiasm to explore, understand and creatively express the essence of this massive spiritual gathering. They spent a little over 6 weeks at the Mahakumbh which was held in January and February 2013 at Allahabad, India.

What held the team together stronger than these complementary interests though, was their common quest to find meaning, usefulness and reason within the experiences and expressions of India and its culture.

Contact: Deshna Mehta